BTF meets Indian High Commission officials in London

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The British Tamils Forum (BTF) has long recognised the important role India plays in the region and in the outcome of Tamil peoples’ struggle for justice and freedom.  BTF together with our long  term community partner organisation, Hindu Council UK (HC UK) met with Indian High commission officials in London recently to highlight the immediate needs of the people in the North  East of the island and measures which ought to be implemented immediately by the new Sri Lankan government.

BTF requested the Indian government to take up these matters urgently with the new Sri Lankan regime.  The proposals included urgent measures to address humanitarian issues faced by the Tamil people in their homeland, taking into account the long term strategic interests of the Tamil nation.

Our long term strategy to engage with India through political and diplomatic means recognises the geopolitical significance of India in the region.  BTF shares the same strategic vision with India, for a peaceful neighbourhood that ensures stability in the region and protects India’s long term security interests in its southern borders. Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka have a very long historic tie with India through cultural, religious and linguistic affinity are natural allies of India.

We have been continuously engaging with New Delhi based political parties since 2010. This included meeting with the then BJP leader Nitin Gatkari in 2011, senior BJP officials and a Minister in November 2014. Our long standing Indian community partner, the influential HC UK facilitated the recent meeting with the Indian High Commission officials in London.  Although Tamils have historic grievances about India’s handling of our struggle in  the past, we are moving forward, engaging with India, to address the immediate needs of our people in the North East of Sri Lanka and to find a lasting political solution to enable Tamils in Sri lanka live in peace and dignity.

The diplomatic engagements will continue in London and New Delhi to further develop the understanding between Tamil Diaspora and India in addition to strengthen the strategic ties between India and Tamils in the North East of the island of Sri Lanka.

Disappearances in Custody Six Years Ago Today

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A report published today by the International Truth & Justice Project Sri Lanka call on the government of Sri Lanka to undertake credible investigations into the forced disappearance of the more than a hundred people who disappeared while surrendering to the military on this day six years ago and to indict, prosecute and convict those responsible. Families are entitled to the truth about the fate and whereabouts of loved ones.

Please see the report  - Statement 18 May 2015 ITJP-SL Disappearances

British Tamils Forum will be launching a campaign ‘Are they alive?’ today at the Mullivaaikkal Remembrance Day vigil meeting opposite the Prime Minister David Cameron’s residence at the Richmond Terrace, London, SW1. Please find the petition and support us to get our message to the UK government – Are they alive – final

Read More

Message of congratulations from BTF to the Prime Minister David Cameron

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“Dear Prime Minister,

We the British Tamil people extend our heartiest congratulations on an historic victory by you and the Conservative Party at the parliamentary elections on 7th May 2015.

We are heartened to note that there will be continuity in the management of the UK economy and a strong foreign policy ensuring justice and fairness around the world.

The Tamil people are grateful for your leadership in standing by them in their quest for justice. We have no doubt that your open support for an International Independent Investigation in Sri Lanka and your role in the UN resolution against the Sri Lankan state had major influence on how the British Tamil people voted at this election.

The Tamil people’s faith in your commitment to ensure justice is further consolidated by your Party election manifesto and your commitment to stick to it.

Once again we congratulate you on this victory and pledge our support for your plans for the future of Britain.”

Message of congratulations of BTF to the Rt Hon David Cameron MP

Remembering the Mullivaikkal Massacre – 6 Years On

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Join us in Central London on Monday 18 May to remember the tens of thousands of Tamils who were killed at Mullivaikkal in May 2009. Jolt the conscience of the international community, which failed the Tamils in 2009, and has still not delivered us justice today. Help us call for a robust international, independent investigation into the ongoing structural genocide against the Tamil Nation.

Rally starts: 2pm, Whitehall Place, Northumberland Avenue, SW1A

Nearest station: Embankment

Tamil Community celebrate Lee Scott’s contribution to justice for Tamil people in the Island of Sri Lanka

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At a ceremony hosted by the British Tamils Forum on Sunday 26th of April 2015 at Wanstead Rugby Football Club for the former MP and Chair of All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils (APPG for Tamil) Lee Scott, was presented with an award on behalf of the Tamil Community marking his valued contribution to the ongoing campaign‎.

Lee was given the title “Ambassador of Justice for Tamils” reflecting his tireless hard work as an MP through APPG for Tamils and in bringing together the support of cross party parliamentarians to ensure that the Tamil cause for justice is always at the foremost of discussions here and abroad.   This has made the APPG for Tamils as one of the strongest groups.

Lee is committed to the fight for an International Independent Investigation, ‎and his calls for information on missing people, deportations,  recognition of the genocide that occurred has been second to none and he has pledged this will not stop until justice is achieved. Lee has carried this message to the UNHRC‎ in Geneva, through debates at Westminster, meetings with ministers and dignitaries and attending rallies, conferences. He has promised to always be at the side of the Tamil community.

Lee also said the lasting peace to the Island of Sri Lanka is only possible through recognising the right to self-determination of Tamil people.

Lee as a candidate for Ilford North will have the support of the Tamil Community for him to return to the parliament to continue his work for all Communities in Ilford North.

Redbridge Council Calls on the UK Government and the United Nation to Deliver Justice to the Tamils of Sri Lanka

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The Council of the London Borough of Redbridge passed a historic motion on 19 March 2015 calling for justice for the Tamil people of Sri Lanka and for a permanent solution to the conflict in that island which will meet the aspiration of the people within the Tamil nation.

The leader of the Conservative Group Cllr Paul Canal proposed the motion and Conservative councillor for Clayhall Ward, Alan Weinberg seconded it. The motion received cross party support and was carried unanimously. Read More

Ilford North Member of Parliament Lee Scott joined members of the British Tamil Forum in Geneva Switzerland at a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council

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UN Discuss Tamil Human Rights Case

Last week (19th March) Ilford North Member of Parliament Lee Scott joined members of the British Tamil Forum in Geneva Switzerland at a meeting of the UN Human Rights Council.

The BTF was seeking to gather support for the international independent investigation into war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of genocide against Tamil people in the island of Sri Lanka. Previous ‘inquiries’ put in place by the Sri Lankan Government have lacked credibility and impartiality being too easily influenced by the local politicians and the military.

On his trip Mr Scott, who is chairman of APPG for Tamils, met with ambassadors from the United States, Norway, Germany and the UK as well as speaking with senior UN officials.

Commenting on his experience Lee said ‘It is all too clear that the Sri Lankan Government are not going to deal with these issues in a meaningful manner and so a comprehensive international investigation is the only way forward.’ He continued ‘It was disappointed that the initial report was delayed by six months but is clear we must now press ahead. In conclusion Lee said ‘This process must look at not just the appalling crimes committed up to 2009 but also during the following years and that those responsible must be brought to justice.’

BTF rejects rumours about meeting with Sri Lankan President Maithiripala Srisena.

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The British Tamils Forum rejects circulating allegations that we will be holding talks with the Sri Lankan President Maithiripala Sirisena in London.

The British Tamils Forum has called for a protest in front of the Westminster Abbey by the Parliament Square tomorrow, 09.03.2015 from 2 pm until 5 pm to convey our message to her Majesty the Queen as the head of Commonwealth and the Commonwealth Leaders that Sri Lanka has violated the founding principles of the Commonwealth and continues to deny genocidal crimes committed against the Tamil people in the island of Sri Lanka.

British Tamils Forum also calls on Commonwealth Leaders to establish an independent international investigation into the genocidal crimes committed against the Tamil people in the island of Sri Lanka.

We demand the release of all political prisoners and removal of the Sri Lankan Military occupying the lands of the Tamil people.

The British Tamils Forum will continue the campaign in the UK and around the world for justice and freedom for the Tamil people in our homeland in the North and East of the island of Sri Lanka.

Protest outside the Westminster Abbey calling for Justice for the victim in Sri Lanka’s genocidal war.

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Protest against Sri Lanka’s new President Maithripala Sirisena visiting London.

He was the Sri Lanka’s defence minister in Mahinda Rajapakse’s government responsible for the killing of over 70, 000 Tamil civilians in just few weeks. He will be attending a Commonwealth event at the Westminster Abbey.

Please join us:

Date: Monday, 09th March 2015|Time: 2 PM to 5 PM| Location: Westminster Abbey (SW1P 3PA)/Parliament Sq| Nearest tube: Westminster Station.

Tamil People Bitterly Disappointed and Betrayed by Deferral of Key UNHRC Report on Sri Lanka Conflict

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British Tamils Forum shares the deep disappointment and anguish felt by Tamil people across the world on learning that the OHCHR Investigation on Sri Lanka (OISL) report, scheduled to be released in March 2015, will be deferred by another six months.

Tamil Diaspora organisations and Tamil parties in the island of Sri Lanka and India, together representing Tamil people across the world, have repeatedly requested that this long awaited report be released in March 2015 as mandated. The victims and the witnesses of this genocide have already waited far too long.

In his explanation for this unprecedented move, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Dr Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, states that there are “strong arguments for deferring the report’s consideration a bit longer, given the changing context in Sri Lanka, and the possibility that important new information may emerge which will strengthen the report.” However, legal sources familiar with the evidence already collected have indicated that there is enough hard evidence to prosecute the perpetrators. The High Commissioner further states, “I have received clear commitments from the new Government of Sri Lanka indicating it is prepared to cooperate with my Office on a whole range of important human rights issues – which the previous Government had absolutely refused to do – and I need to engage with them to ensure those commitments translate into reality.” We, as victims, too have a right to know what these commitments are and how these will facilitate the emergence of new information. Read More